Here are some questions we often get from our customers.



Affiliate, how to enroll. Read more here


Bank transfer, what information do I need? All information for direct bank transfer is given at the time of check out in the webshop. Read more here


Cancellation, what is your policy on this? Read more here

Color variations. Some of our product colors might look different in the webshop and in your living room.

Coupon codes, how to use them? Read more here

Cleaning of products, how to do it? Read more here

Card payemt, is my information safe? Yes it is, we are using secure payment solutions. Read more here

Customize products, yes we can do that. Contact our Support for more info.


Damaged product, contact Support.

Delivery options? We have several delivery options depending on where you live and how big your order is. Most products get delivered to customers door.

Debet card, can I pay with that? Yes you can.

Discount vouchers, read more here


Electrical items and repairs. Our electrical items sometimes comes with individual warranty or instructions.


Facebook, where can I find you? The Official Account is here and our Inspiration Blog is here.

Fraud, my information or credit card has been used in your webshop. Read more here

Fux, What does it mean? It means fake fur, as we do NOT have products with real animal fur, we use fux to clarify that this is an animal fur imitation.




Instagram, how to find you? Our Official Instagram Account is here or use #zerafino

Invoice payment of order. Read more here




Leather, what type of leather does your products have? Most products have specified if it has synthetic, premium or other types of leather.


Money back. There are special rules, read more here


Newsletter, I dont want to recieve the newsletter or any offers from Zerafino. Read more here



Payment methods or problems with payment. Read more about payments here or contact Support


Quality certificate. We want our customers to be satisfied with their products, as we also set high demands to our factories.


Returning the product(s), how to do it. For any returning of products, read more here or contact our Support.

Replica furniture, is it legal? Read more here


Second hand selling of Zerafino products. Most of our products are sold to private customers. We do not accept any responsible for products with second hand owners.

Shipment – Read more here


Taxes and VAT. Do you require a tax or VAT for for your business? Contact Support



Vouchers, read more here

VIP Account. To get more info on how to obtain for an VIP Account read more here


Waiting for my products, how long will it take? As most items are custom made from the factory, usual waiting time is 6-8 weeks from order is accepted.

Warranty, how is it? Most of our products come with a warranty. However, some products are custom made and has special rules.